Welcome to afrofashion: the home of African fashion with international design for all shapes and sizes.

We usually produce unique fashion items, so we do not have an online shop. However, if you see anything you particularly like, contact us and we shall discuss on how you can become the owner of your individual afrofashion creation.

March 2012: The preparations for the African Fashion Week London are in full swing. Please visit our Designer’s profile on the official web site. Oooh, this is going to be great!

Following the recent political events in Mali, we are not to sure yet if our fashion show at the Centre Culturel Francais in Bamako will take place on Friday, 30th March 2012. We shall inform you, soon. Alternatively, visit the Centre Culturel ‘s web site for updates.

February 2012: We can confirm: afrofashion has been accepted as a participant at the African Fashion Week London 2012....yes, LONDON my friends! First show in Europe and we are so excited about it. Keep following us on our web site to get more details about our first appearance on a major stage!

I got a hint from a friend, that afrofashion has been mentioned in connection with the Chris Seydou Show. For more information check out the article in “Femme Africaine”, a Paris based magazine.

January 2012: Back from Germany and we are starting the new year with some good news: On the 30th March 2012, afrofashion will present its “stringy-effect” creation  at the Centre Culturel de Bamako. We are so happy to have finally secured a slot at this first class cultural location in Mali. Thanks to Marianne and Daniel for their support!


December 2011: The second Fashion Show in one month!! This time at the Santa Market at the Palais de la Culture in Bamako. afrofashion was accompanied by fantastic jewellery crafted by the highly gifted Haneefa DeClerque and which was specifically designed for this show...just awesome! Now, we are concentrating on our new line for 2012, of which this show gave first glimpses. Check out the photos on the Santa Market Show.

November 2011: Wow, those were very busy three months! After the Fame Fashion Show on the 26. September (we are still trying to get some pictures for you), afrofashion reinforced its staff: Sulaiman joined our Mali team in September as a tailor for our ladies’ collections. In October, we started preparing for the next show: the Chris Seydou Award, a fashion show dedicated to the late great designer of Bogolan fabrics. 

This show took place at the beautiful Parc National in Bamako on the 12 November, with seven fashion designers from six countries and two continents presenting their creations. For our contribution, please see our Chris Seydou Show (click) page. Thanks to all who came to see it and a big merci beaucoup to all the models.

Now, we are focused on the Santa Market Fashion Show, which will take place at the Palais de la Culture in Bamako on the 3 December 2011. If you happen to be in Bamako that day, do not miss it...there will even be a afrofashion stall. Three shows in four months...afrofashion has never been that busy before!

August 2011: Munnie is back in action in Bamako after her holiday in Malawi, where she got busy in afrofashion’s Lilongwe branch preparing her FAME Malawi (click) fashion presentation. FAME has an annual fashion show for upcoming designers and afrofashion is a regular participant. Meanwhile, boutiques in Europe have developed a taste for afrofashion. We are currently trying to secure some orders and we are obviously very excited about it. Whether national or international... we are still committed to making individual creations and no mass production!

June 2011: Every Saturday in June, we had a sale of our fashion show designs to minimise our losses 8-). Really exceeded our expectations and there is not much left. Many thanks to everyone who showed up and had a look around.

Meanwhile, afrofashion continues to grow: Monalisa and Sandra have joined the team this month to reinforce accounts and administration. So far, I am really proud of you, girls. Although I will be on holiday during July 2011, the atelier continues its business as usual. Please talk to Monalisa if you should come to the atelier or if you are calling the usual number (00223 77 006 007).

Mai 2011: The fashion show here in Bamako on the 21. mai was an absolute winner!!! Though there were - of course - some last minute changes and adjustments, we put on a fantastic 2 hour non-stop performance...the crowd loved it and there was no seat left at Espace Bouna. Thanks to all the friends that helped making this a success! I love you! Enough bragging, let pictures talk: 

For those of you who have not seen the brochure, yet, here is another chance:

 afrofashion brochure in French/English/German

April 2011: The preparations for our fashion show are in full swing causing the atelier to be buzzing with activity. Designs are coming to life and models are popping in at least once a week for the fitting. Pressure is mounting, yet we are still smiling and calm. Let us keep fingers crossed that it stays this way.

To cope with the additional work load brought on by our new clients, we have taken on another full time tailor: Monsieur Touré will be making most of our mens’ and ladies’ suits and the afrofashion-Team is very excited about working with him.

March 2011: The new creation is taking shape and we are taking full advantage of a new delivery of perforated and light cotton fabrics from Senegal. A provisional date for our fashion show has been set for the 21 May and it will take place in Bamako. We have secured musicians from Cuba and possibly a singer from Spain to spice up the action. Our models come from seven different countries and from four different continents! Despite temperatures of 40°C during the day, we are working very hard to make this a memorable occasion. I will keep you informed.

Last time, I promised you pictures of our hair bands...voilà, at least one:

Made from colourful cotton fabric and a bazin elastic band, it is comfortable and fits basically any head size.

To see the full size picture, click on it...takes you to the afro-teen page.

February 2011: Since practically our entire “Bamako 2010” collection (with the popular “mat-theme”) got sold out during the festive season, we have started our new collection for the year 2011. I guess we may call it “Bamako 2011”, unless you could come up with a more creative idea.

Besides continuing our fashion line based on natural cotton fabrics made by weavers in Mali, we are going to experiment with new textiles and styles. Furthermore, we want to diversify by adding some accessories like hair bands and possibly shoes to our collections. We shall upload some pictures, soon, so make sure to check from time to time.

In January 2011, our loyal tailor Eli Diop has been promoted to “Chef d’Atelier” at our Bamako branch, so he will be in charge of the other tailors and our valuable equipment in Mali. Eli is one of the creative engines that drive our company.

We are always happy to receive your feedback on our designs, our web site and our performance (see contacts below).

If you want to know, how you can get hold of your own afrofashion item, make inquiries via e-mail, phone or during a personal visit. We speak English, French, Portuguese, Chichewa and Bamabara ... and hubby can help out with German, if necessary.


Phone: +223 77 006 007

Ciao 4 now,